AIS Families and Friends,

“Welcome Home!” 

What does that statement mean to you? When you welcome the people you care about into a space, how do you want them to feel? What do you want them to remember about their experience? What impact or influence do you want to have on them after they are gone? 

Alliance Intermediate wants students to feel safe, loved, and encouraged. Our goal is to equip them to be caring people who persevere through difficulty and lift others up along the way. We want our students to enjoy school and we want our families to feel that they have the capacity to help their child’s academic progress. The educators at AIS strive to be better every day than the day before and to instill that same desire into our students. Lastly, we want everyone at AIS to have fun and to look back on those great experiences after they leave us. We want our students, staff and community to feel that AIS is/was a great place to call home for a couple of years. 

As the principal of this wonderful school, I get the privilege of making certain that teaching and learning occur in every room and reflect the needs of individual students. I sincerely love my work and the district/community I get to serve. If you ever have any questions about the daily operations, teaching, or learning, please reach out to me at 330-829-2268. 

In order to create an environment that supports academics, we have also established clear expectations and interventions for student behavior. These expectations are taught and retaught through classroom and building initiatives, and they are linked to specific incentives and outcomes. If you ever have any questions about behavior expectations, consequences, or incentives, please reach out to Mrs. Erica Jackson, Dean of Students, at 330-829-2269 ext 1476. 

We consider ourselves a family here at AIS and you are a key part of that. Your engagement in your child’s learning is more important than ever. When students know that their adult role model(s) value education, great things can happen! 

Thank you for all you do to grow our little Aviators…and “Welcome Home!”

Your Principal and Partner in Learning,

Photo of Mrs. Stephanie Garren, Principal

stephanie garren

Stephanie A. Garren