Intermediate School Receives New Name

In a unanimous vote at the August Board of Education Meeting held on Aug. 20, the Alliance Board of Education approved the name change for the district’s intermediate school.

Formerly Northside Intermediate School, Alliance Intermediate School at Northside (AIS) will begin transitioning to its new name this school year. The decision was made following a community forum held in July and after much consideration from the Board of Education. 

Ultimately the decision was made to better align the school’s name with the others in the district. The schools that house all students of the same grade levels in the district begin with Alliance- Alliance High School, Alliance Middle School and Alliance Early Learning School. The exceptions are Rockhill Elementary School and Parkway Elementary School; two separate buildings for students in first through third grade. AIS houses all fourth and fifth grade students in the district similarly to the high school, middle school and early learning school.

It was decided to keep Northside as part of the school’s name to maintain the history of the school.

“This was a decision we, at Alliance City Schools, have been considering for some time,” said Jeffery Talbert, superintendent. “Renaming Northside to Alliance Intermediate School helps to unite the buildings in the district; however, we feel it is important and necessary to maintain the history of the building and school itself by keeping Northside as part of the name. I believe this is a positive change for the intermediate school and for the district.”

There is no cost to changing the name of the school. The old letterhead and business cards will be used until they are gone before providing new letterhead and business cards to the faculty and staff with the school’s new name.

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