Tomorrow is our 1st Annual Quarter Auction and we have just released the list of available items to bid on. You can find the list under the "Parents" link and in the "Documents" folder on our site.

To participate in the auction, you purchase a $5 paddle with a designated number. Then when an item comes up for auction that you would like to bid on, you submit the required number of quarters and hold up your paddle. (It's THAT easy, and tons of fun!)

Some items only require one quarter, while others may require up to four quarters. The highest bid is only four quarters.

Numbers are drawn by the auctioneer. If you placed a bid and your paddle number is drawn, you win! To increase your odds, you can purchase more paddles for ONLY $1 each. You would then submit additional quarters for each paddle you purchase.

What should you bring?

  • $5 for your first paddle and $1 for additional paddles, if you wish
  • As many quarters as you would like for bidding

Help will be on hand and Mrs. Jackson is our star auctioneer. Don't forget that $5 lunches will be on sale from College Inn, as well.

Thank you to all who have donated items for the auction. We appreciate everyone's support of our students here at AIS!